" Luxury Inside "

Bill Gates Car & Garage

Inside garage, you'll find a luxury car Porsche 911 Convertible and 1988 Porsche 959 Coupe. Steven Ballmer drives a 1998 Lincoln Continental.In fact, due to the 959’s questionable emissions and  unknown crash ratings, It took a federal law signed by President Clinton  to legally drive his 959 on  American roads.

Just to Update Porsche 911 was up for auction on June 6 2012 in Vienna and got sold for $80,000, 3.3 lts model, Its got 300 hp


Review: Four car garage, House for the maintenance staff has its own 3-car garage. Nanny
 parks in the 6-car carport across from the main entry. An additional 10-cars can be parked in a subterranean arched concrete building which through an electronic transformation becomes a classic basketball court.

Entry gate of house senses when car approaches and opens fully by the time Gates arrive.
The family's 11,500-square-foot inner sanctum is surprisingly modest, with four bedrooms and quarters for a nanny. A four-car garage is attached. The lower levels include a techno-playland family room and an exercise facility that is
better appointed than many health clubs. Many of us won't mind having such a
Luxury Car even on Rent for a day.
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