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Interesting facts of Bill Gates

Birth date: October 28, 1955
Education: Public elementary school. Entered private Lakeside School at age 12. Dropped out of Harvard Univ ersity junior year.
Native City: Seattle, Washington
Little known fact: His family called him "Trey," in reference to the III after his name.
Hobbies: Bridge, golf, reading, philanthropy.
Claim to fame: Leader of the computing software's industry.
Net worth: Bill's all-time high net worth is $88.82 Billion. Visit Net Worth Page for current net worth.
Preferred foods: Cherry Coke and spray cheese
Annoying traits: Compulsive rocking, glasses that won't stay perched on bridge of his nose.
Family: wife, Melinda; daughter, Jennifer, born 1996; son, Rory, born 1999.

Official Blog: Sir Bill Gates blog: The Gates Notes

Philanthropy: The Bill & Melinda foundation , Greatest love for humanity

Bill Gates Wealth index( Facts are only estimated, Actual may vary)

earns appx 6 Billion Dollars in a year

earns appx  500 Million Dollars in a month or

earns appx 16,660,000 Dollars in a day

earns appx  14614 Dollars a minute


earns appx  243 Dollars a second.

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