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World's richest ma
n Address: 1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina, WA 98039”

 Mr Gates had self conviction in converting imaginations into appreciable mansion. Mr Bill’s house took 7 years to build and to earn respect and popularity all over the world. It was designed by Bohlin Cywniski Jackson and James Cutler Architects and style adopted is “Pacific Northwest Lodge.

 Popularly known as “Xanadu 2.0”, named after an estate mentioned in the story, Citizen Kane. The beautiful home of 66,000 square feet, located on the shores of Lake Washington, depicts nature’s beauty in all seasons. The buildings are mystically covered by trees, maintaining secrecy of the area enclosed. The underground garage space occupies 16,000 square feet which can easily fit 20 cars. Daylight slips into concrete arches to bring brightness inside the underground garage. Classy “1999 Porsche 911 Convertible”, “1988 Porsche 959 Coupe” and “Porsche 930 Turbo” are few favourite fashionable cars in his garage. 

Guests are provided with a smart and intelligent chip that lets the computer know details of people visiting. Lights and temperature magically welcomes guest and easily get adjusted according user’s preference. It also harmonizes itself according to the surroundings. The rock and roll music freely follows the guest as speakers are hidden beneath wallpaper. Family members could know about any visitors at home as floors are pressure sensitive. GPS system in the house allows seeing paintings on the high definition LCD monitors. The windows towards the lakeside give a beautiful view of Seattle. Ground floor and entrance are connected with 84 stairs popularly known as “Grand staircase”, which is 92 feet long and 63 feet high. 

The 20 seats art Deco theatre is a perfect venue to watch favorite movies. It really shows the love for movies which captures crystal clear tune. It is 1500 ft high outfitted with luxurious couches and chairs and most desirable popcorn machine. The intellectual hunger is fulfilled with a large private library that has a domed reading room of 2100 sq feet. The book worm, Mr Billionaire bought the “Codex Leicester”, Leonardo Da Vinci notebook is the most expensive book ever sold for $30.8 million is a treasure in Bill Gates’ library.  

The snapshots of house essentials are 7 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, 6 fireplaces, 6 kitchens, 1000 sq feet dining room and capacity of 150 people in the reception hall. The lively decors consist of flawless and rare species of woodwork, stainless steel roof.

The exercise room of 2500 sq feet is equipped with technology at its peak. It includes splendour steam room, sauna and exclusive trampoline room with 20 foot ceiling. Most desirable 17 by 60 feet, swimming pool has fossil painted floor and roof is supported by timber framing. It has two baths and four showers. Swimmers can relish the underground music inside glass wall and emerge to the terrace outside, when they want. 

The residence
which took US $63 million to build is now assessed worth of US $147.5million. The Grandeur mansion really outclasses its technological brilliance, innovative designs and excellent interiors. Bill Gates’ house exhibits a magnificent, majestic and stunning structure. 

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