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  Bill Gates Net Worth 2018: $96.20 Billion
2018: Bill Gates World's No.2 : Even after giving away more than $28 Billion in charity till now, net worth is at $96.20 billion just ahead of Warren Buffett. Microsoft stock price has helped to move back to the top position.

2017: $86.0 Billion 2016: $78.7 Billion 2015: $79.2 Billion 2014:$81.5 Billion 2013: $78.5 Billion 2012: $62.7 Billion 2011: $56.0 Billion 2010: $54.0 Billion 2009: $40.0 Billion


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An impudent child can calm any parent’s temper by comfortlessly explaining the success story of a self made Billionaire, Mr Bill Gates. He was born in 1955, brother of 2 sisters. A father gave his name to his second child as “William Henry Gates” who was ambitious, aspiring, energetic and enthusiastic. There are several events which ring a bell of joy, pride, refreshing and remarkable moments in his childhood.

The richest man during his childhood was mischievous, wise guy and voracious reader. Scary Maths and Informative Science were his favourite subjects. Concerned Bill’s parents enrolled him in a Lakeside Prep school to expedite the journey of brilliance and wisdom. This decision was a treasure of Bill’s life. He was introduced to a world of new opportunities, “Computers”. Battling of thoughts at age of 13 ventured the road less travelled. His curiosity in computers kept him bewildered and became addicted soon. His mental maturity at the age of 13 was difficult to be interpreted and kept his family often baffled and puzzled during his growing age.

He met Paul Allen, a 2 year senior, who was geeky and had similar interest in computers. At the age of 15, they developed “Traf-o-Data”, a computer which measures the traffic pattern, which rewarded them with $20,000 for their accomplishment. A lawyer Father, wanted him also to become a lawyer, so after graduating school in 1973, he joined Harvard. Within a year, he spent sleepless nights and was completely lost in the computers, finally drops out of Harvard.

Bill and Paul came closer and were fascinated to start a new business after reading the article on Altair Computer’s requirement. They contacted the MITS Company to know requirements of software because investing in great ideas is worth rewarding. They worked for 2 months rigorously and successfully developed software working on Altair computers. His understanding parents made a tough decision to move to New Mexico to start Microsoft. 

In year 1987, Bill was declared as the Billionaire. In 1983-1989, with several successful versions of operating systems and Microsoft office crucially became commanding, compelling and a leading edge tool for the computer enthusiast.

Mr Bill is a loving husband and dedicated father of three children. Business leader followed his mother’s way to serve the society and donated to save millions of lives. Wealthiest man is busy in promoting educations and health of low income communities.
His passion became his strength, his madness to build an empire.
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